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The clarinettist Jimmie Noone
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The Red Hot Reedwarmers… a unique rendezvous…

A rendezvous with jazz
…With reeds
…With intoxicating music and a remarkable repertoire
…With a meeting of musical minds separated by great distance
But most importantly … with a shared passion for the music of an extraordinary American jazz clarinetist:
Jimmie Noone

It all began in with a fortuitous meeting in 2003. A talented female clarinetist Aurélie Tropez and a young saxophonist Stéphane Gillot in search of new and exciting musical projects met during a New Orleans jazz festival. Soon, a first-rate rhythm section joined the two reeds : a remarkable pianist Martin Seck, a dazzling banjo player Henry Lemaire, an artful tuba player Jean-Philippe Palma and a swinging percussionist Julien Richard.

The band came together musically, but originally they are from all over France (and Germany)! Their ambition is to bring the jazz of the 20s and 30s back to life in a new way. The unique instrumental line-up of the Red Hot Reedwarmers allows them to create a very special musical quality. The band has two reed players that make up the melodic section whereas most groups in the 20s and 30s also had a trumpet or trombone. And this is exactly the kind of musical challenge that the Red Hot Reedwarmers are up for : finding a way to get more out of less… by firing up those reeds!

Most of the band’s repertoire is gathered from Jimmie Noone recordings. Jimmie Noone was a brilliant clarinettist, originally from New Orleans who made his name in Chicago with Jimmie Noone’s Apex Club Orchestra, which he led from 1927 to 1930. Evenings at the Apex Club in Chicago’s South Side were filled with the orchestra’s elegant, melodious and dynamic music.

With their intelligent instrumental combinations, unique repertoire and surprising arrangements, The Red Hot Reedwarmers offer their listeners a trip back in time to the jumping jive of 1920s Chicago.

On stage the Red Hot Reedwarmers offer their audience an electrifying melange of virtuosity, musical rapport, lightness and swing, lively arrangements, delicacy in the reed section, musicality in the rhythm section, and a touch of Franco-German humor.

Once you discovered them there’s no turning back, you’ll be hooked!

some performances

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